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Gramma Gianelli

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Sometimes you wonder just how a business got to be, and how a person decided to start up a business, and why this business.  For Darlene and I (David Gianelli, the other half of the bakery, it can be traced back to a visit to the Puyallup County Fair near Seattle Washington.  I suggested that we go to the fair, as we had a little time prior to traveling to Lusk WY for a scheduled installation of communication equipment.  Before we left the fair, we had two Angora goats, and two Shetland sheep.  This was in 1995.  And from there we established “D&D’s 5acre Ranch” in the Glenns Ferry/King Hill Idaho area.  The ranch led to “A Wee Croft Kitchen”, which led to “Gramma Gianelli’s Pantry” which evolved into “Gramma Gianelli’s Bakery” in Glenns Ferry Idaho.  And we are an OLD establishment dating back to May 27th of 2010.


As I get time, I will stretch this tale out, as I enjoy spinning a tale, as much as I enjoy spinning yarn on one of our spinning wheels.


I just have to get proficient at this web based technology….I’m sure this button does something, but what?  I’ll work on it.  After all I want to put pictures of the wonderful breads That Darlene has baked, as well as the other fresh from the oven delights that she has made, and plans on making for the bakery.  For now, stop on by for a sniff and enjoy the aroma!


There is so much to add to the history, and I enjoy the stories especially during “coffee and conversation with Grampa”.  I am about to embark on my third career here at the bakery and will take more time to tell you about all that is happening.  However, I want to tell you of our most recent adventure:  A whirlwind weekend in Florida!  Why Florida?  Well, I’m glad you asked, while the tale is long, the super condensed version is that Darlene’s son Kim called after a lengthy (42 year) “time-out” (as it were).  Thanks to the efforts of Samantha and Linda (Mamaw) Kim called home, and we hustled out for a fantastic Mothers Day weekend.  One chapter ended, and another begun.